This free online event will provide a realistic vision of future training capabilities. With insight from the military, law enforcement, private security and industry – these sessions will shed light on the future technologies and strategies helping our security forces train for tomorrow’s operational environment

Prepare for the next generation of military and security training


Day 1 – Wednesday, 26th June 2019

12:00 BST

Technology Advancements for U.S. Army Training & Test & Evaluation

Speaker: Ryan McAlinden, Director of Modeling, Simulation and Training | Institute for Creative Technologies, USC | U.S. Army University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) 

14:00 BST

Modernising Land Forces Training Through Human Performance, Combat Behaviors and Disruptive Capabilities

Speaker: Brigadier Ben James, Commanding General, Training & Doctrine Command, Australian Army

16:00 BST

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26-27 June 2019

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Core themes

Training for peer threats: NATO is reorienting its training practices towards peer threats and large scale conflict. How can virtual training ensure personnel are prepared for all scenarios while remaining cost-effective?

The immersive experience: High fidelity simulation is vital for ensuring that personnel are prepared for the real thing. How is the military approaching realism from a cost perspective and operational standpoint?

Live vs Synthetic training: How to achieve the perfect balance of live and synthetic training and how our forces will benefit from fully immersive virtual training

Improving resiliency through education and technology: How are requirements to modernize land forces training through modern, progressive doctrine affecting millennial personnel? And, how is technology training combat leaders to enhance resiliency performance in high-stress environments 

Opportunities for Virtual Training to Counter Near-Peer Threats

Speaker:  Doug Livermore, contracted advisor in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations

Day 2 – Thursday, 27th June 2019

The Future Training Plans of ROFKA

Speaker: Colonel Sanghyoun Park, Air Force Attaché, Embassy of the Republic of Korea

14:00 BST

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Confirmed Speakers

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US Department of Defence

The Australian Army

USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Embassy of the Republic of Korea