A free online event

20-21 March 2019

Prepare for the next generation of rotary wing capability

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This free online event will provide a vision of future helicopter capabilities and yield insight into the burning issues that will shape the future of rotary-wing aircraft so we can respond to tomorrows threats.

Access curated online presentations from defence and rotary thought leaders


Day 1 – Wednesday, 20th March 2019

The Security and Defence Challenges Facing Taiwan: Rotary Assets as Part of Multiple Deterrence and Resolution Defence Strategy


Survivability in the future and minimising risk: How survivability will be defined in the coming years and how industry is working to protect rotary aircraft from electronic warfare and other high-level threats.

Technology-enabled helicopter capabilities: Exploring the role of rotary wing in future warfare and how new technology will deliver rapid response capabilities to tomorrow's battlefields.

Crew training: How to achieve the perfect balance of live and synthetic training and how flight crews will benefit from fully immersive virtual training. 


Vertical Flight Consortium

Republic of China Air Force

Vertical Flight Society

Peruvian Air Force

including representation from

Sikorsky Aircraft

Bell Helicopter

Northrop Grumman

Colonel Li-Chiang Yuan, Assistant Director, Taipei Representative Office in the UK

10:00 -11:00 GMT

14:00-15:00 GMT

Improving Vertical Lift Performance and Affordability through VLC Collaboration

16:00-17:00 GMT

New rotary capabilities and the need for increased aircrew safety: Solutions for aircrew neck pain sufferers

Philip S. E. Farrell, Ph.D, Defence Research and development, Canada

Day 2 – Thursday, 21st March 2019

14:00 -15:00 GMT

Vertical Lift Consortium Panel Discussion -
From Concept to Reality:  Revolutionizing Rotorcraft Capabilities for Future War

Gerry Graves, PH.D. Managing Director, Vertical Lift Consortium & Nick Lappos, Chairman, Vertical Flight Consortium, Board of Directors

The Future of Vertical Flight:
Development of Disruptive Technologies for Next Generation Military and Civil Missions

16:00-17:00 GMT

Nick Lappos, Sikorsky Lockheed Martin

Major General Jeff Schloesser (USA. Ret.) Bell Helicopter

Dave Dowling, Northrop Grumman Corp 

Gerry Graves, Vertical Lift Consortium


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